Vinylcutter Roland GX-24

companyRoland DGA Corp.
modelGX - 24
technologyfoil cutting
max. work-areaW x L
580 x 2000 [mm]
smallest details (rec)2 x 2 [mm]
processable foilsup to 0,5 [mm]
vinyl & heat transfers
and more...
usable (Version CS5 & older)
.dxf (Version 2004 & older)

available substraits

vinyl (Ritrama O-400)

roll width: 610 [mm]

max. cutting width: 580 [mm]
 textil heat transfer (Siser P.S. Stretch)

roll width: 500 [mm]

max. cutting width: 470 [mm]
whiteRAL 9003white
white MatRAL 9003black
transparent frostedred
blackRAL 9017green
black matRAL 9017sky blue
yellowRAL 1016orange
orangeRAL 2008purple
redRAL 3020yellow
greenRAL 6005
dark blueRAL 5017How does textil heat transfer work?
silverRAL 9022more information