Makerthon #7

November, 23rd 1:00pm until November, 25th

48 Hours
6 Interdisciplinary Teams
1 Challenge

Take the chance to gain hands-on experience on product development based on the design thinking approach.
We are looking for passionate Makers who want to face real life challenges from industry in the fields of “Electrification” and “personal care consumer products” in interdisciplinary teams.

Get the challenge - find ideas - develop concepts and build a prototype - use your skills and motivation to beat the challenge!

The Makerthon takes place at the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation.


The Makerthon is the possibility to face a real challenge supported by leading industrial companies and the Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management.
Within 48 hours, makers have to
1 - understand the challenge
2 - detect the real problems
3 - generate ideas
4 - select the ideas
5 - realize prototypes and
6 - to tell the story, why the solution will change the business and our lifes!

Makerthon #3
Friday, May 17th 2019 until Sunday 19th

Makerthon #5: May, 28th 3 PM until May, 30th


For more information contact:

Andreas Kohlweiss

Fuel Flow Rate Measurement - the next Generation

Key Facts AVL
  • Leading R&D expert in the areas of Automotive Powertrains, Drivetrain Solutions, Simulation & Testing

  • With more than 11.000 employees worldwide

  • Fields of Expertise:
    • Testing Solutions
    • Simulation Technologies
    • ADAS and Autonomous Driving
    • Battery
    • Calibration
    • Controls and Electronics
    • E-Drive
    • Engineering Services
Situation / Object
  • Increasing technical complexity, as well as stricter environmental and legal requirements, makes modern vehicle development a challenge
  • Manufacturers in the heavy-duty and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) industry are forced to focus on topics such as CO2 reduction, fuel economy optimization, and real-life fuel consumption
  • AVL FuelTron M.O.V.E is most actual generation of onboard fuel consumption measuring systems, aiming for being the industry standard for fuel consumption measurement in these industries.
Tasks / Objectives
  • Analyze the functionality (Function Analysis) of the mobile measurement system for onboard fuel consumption measurement for the heavy-duty and non-road mobile machinery industry
  • Optimize the existing FuelTron MOVE under consideration of:
    • Weight reduction by using new and alternative manufacturing methods, such as additive manufacturing
    • Optimized functionality
    • Optimized packaging
    • Enhanced environmental requirements (vibration, shock, temperature)




Challenge 1

Key Facts ELIN Motoren
  • ELIN Motoren as part of Voith group is a global supplier for rotating electrical machines and life-cycle solutions
  • More than 120 years of experience in developing and producing rotating electrical machines
  • Business fields:
    • Wind Energy
    • Tunneling / Mining
    • Power Plants
    • Oil & Gas
    • Marine
  • Power range of machines beginning with 60 [kW] up to 50 [MW]
Situation / Object

Permanent magnet rotor design:

  • Rotor-skewing is possible for rotor-topologies with surface permanent magnets (discrete skewing).
  • Rotor skewing with buried magnets is not possible. This is bypassed by skewing the stator instead of the rotor.
Task / Objectives:
  • Find a method for rotor-skewing with buried permanent magnets in the case of the  segmented and non-segmented rotor-topology.
  • Pay special attention to:
    • Torque transmission
    • Feasibility of the manufacturing process

Challenge 2

Key Facts PAYER Medical
  • Leading and worldwide acting OEM/ODM Personal Care- and Grooming Products supplier

  • Located in St. Bartholomä near Graz

  • More than 75 years of experience in their business field

  • Facilities in Austria (HQ), Hungary and China with
    1000+ employees

  • Supplier to A-Brands like Braun, Philips, Wahl etc.

Situation / Object
  • Beardtrimmer and hairclipper products need a stiffer and more precise comb system.
  • Systems on the market are realized with cheap looking  plastic attachment combs
  • Fragile
  • No precise setting (cutting length)
  • Due to the design of the plastic mould the parting line is a problem (burr with e.g. skretches on skin)
Task / Objectives:
  • Search for alternative solutions to plastic attachement combs
  • Requirements:
    • High Quality appearance
      (weight, cold touch, stiff execution and confidence in using)
    • Easy to change and easy adjustment
    • Ready to have also 0,2 [mm] steps
    • Competitive production costs compared to plastic comb

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    The Makerthone takes place in the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation, Inffeldgasse 11, 3 8010 Graz.