Trotec – Speedy 360 flexx

companyTrotec Laser GmbH
modelSpeedy 360 flexx
laser source- carbon dioxide laser (CO2)

- Ytterbium fiber laser
power80 [W] - CO2

20 [W] - fiber
max. work area500 x 800 [mm]
max. work height200 [mm]
processable materialswood
acrylic & plastics
paper & cardboard
and more...
usable (Version CS5 & older)
.dxf (Version 2004 & older)

Operation Modes – Color Coding

RED - LineBLUE - LineBLACK and GRAY-SCALE - Area
RGB (255,0,0)RGB (0,0,255)RGB (0,0,0)
RGB (255,255,255)
Line width: 0,01 [mm] or thinnerLine width: 0,01 [mm] or thinnerLine width: 0,5 [mm] and thicker + areas

The laser cutter cuts through the material along the red lines. Organic and inflammable materials may get burned edges.

The laser cutter marks the material along the blue lines. Marking also can be described as cutting at a lower power-setting.

The laser cutter engraves the entire black / gray area. The engraving processes works line by line, similar to an inkjet printer. This mode also allows to process pictures (.JPEG) on your parts.