3D-Scanner David SLS-3

companyHP Development Company, L.P.
modelDavid SLS-3
technologystructured light scanner
max. work areaW x D x H
350 x 350 x 350 [mm]
resolution up to 0,05 [mm]
automatic turn-tableYES
exported file-formats.OBJ

The most important step of a 3D scanning process is the data acquisition, where you capture the raw scan data in form of a point cloud.
Each step of post-processing will lower the quality and level of detail of your Scan. To get the best possible scan result of your object follow the next steps.


  1. Setup the Scanner (projector & camera). – Setup Tutorial
  2. Calibrate the scanner to the size of the object. – Calibration Tutorial
  3. Scan the object (several single scans are needed to create a full 3D-model). – Scanning Tutorial
  4. Align the single scans to each other.
  5. Fuse the aligned model and export the 3D model