3D-Scanner David SLS-3

companyHP Development Company, L.P.
modelDavid SLS-3
technologystructured light scanner
max. work areaW x D x H
350 x 350 x 350 [mm]
resolution up to 0,05 [mm]
automatic turn-tableYES
exported file-formats.OBJ

The most important step of a 3D scanning process is the data acquisition, where you capture the raw scan data in form of a point cloud.
Each step of post-processing will lower the quality and level of detail of your Scan. To get the best possible scan result of your object follow the next steps:

  1. Setup the Scanner (projector & camera). – Setup Tutorial
  2. Calibrate the scanner to the size of the object. – Calibration Tutorial
  3. Scan the object (for an full 3D model more than one scan will be needed). – Scanning Tutorial
  4. Align the single scans to each other.
  5. Fuse the aligned model and export the 3D model