you can't if you don't make!

30 makers

6 teams

2 challenges

48 hours



The Makerthon is the possibility to face a real challenge supported by leading industrial companies and the Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management.
Within 48 hours, makers have to
1 – understand the challenge
2 – detect the real problems
3 – generate ideas
4 – select the ideas
5 – realize prototypes and
6 – to tell the story, why the solution will change the business and our lifes!

Makerthon #3
Friday, May 17th 2019 until Sunday 19th

Makerthon #4: 29th November – 1st December 2019



Separation of contaminants from compost

Situation / Object:

Key Facts Komptech:

  • Specialist in treatment of waste, compost and biomass
  • High amounts of plastic and other contaminants pollutes the compost
  • New regulations in the EU require new technologies to separate contaminants from compost
Task / Objectives:
  1. Find new possible processes to reduce contaminants in the final product according to the new regulations
  2. Analyze existing solution to avoid contaminants in the process of composting
  3. Find new technologies to separate plastic from compost

New Applications for „Lubricated Tribology“ Systems

Situation / Object:

Key Facts Miba:

  • Specialist for engine bearing applications and production
  • Extensive tribology knowledge
  • Development of tribological materials and surface technologies

Current applications in Industry – Machinery:

  • Tribological moduls to be assembled
  • Integration of functional surfaces into machine part (Bearing/PIN)
  • Speed Range 0-150 m/sec
Task / Objectives:
  1. Find & list new application possibilities for lubricated (wet) tribology systems
  2. Develop a business case
  3. Develop and build a prototype to support the demonstration of your business case
Possible Fields of Application:

Different branches like:

  • Transportation
  • Construction & machinery
  • Power generation and transportation
  • Aerospace (beside gearbox)
  • ….

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FabLab Graz machines and materials can be used for free during the Makerthon.
In addition all meals, coffee, snacks and drink are provided.


Friday: 15:30 – 22:00

1 – Understand
2 – Problem detection
3 – Idea Generation


Saturday: 09:00 – 22:00

3 – Idea Generation
4 – Idea Selection
5 – Prototyping


Sunday: 09:00 – 15:00.

5 – Prototyping
6 – Telling the Story

Makerthon #2 (23rd – 25th November 2018)


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Makerthone takes place in the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation, Inffeldgasse 11,3 8010 Graz.