Machine Usage

TU Graz Students

8 €

per hour and machinefor appointments please contact us.

TU Graz Members

20 €

per hour and machinefor appointments please contact us.

External Vistors

for appointments and costs please contact us.

Material Costs

FDM-3D printers are the most commonly used 3D-printers in the FabLab Graz. We offer the standard materials PLA and ABS as well as the water soluble filament PVA.

PLA: 0,30€ per g
ABS: 0,30€ per g
PVA: 0,80€ per g
If you need a higher level of detail than what FDM printers provide you can use our SLA printer.

Standard Clear: 0,80€ per ml
Standard Grey: 0,80€ per ml
Flexible: 1,60€ per ml
If you need a 3D-print with higher strength you can use our CFF printer. It reinforces the print by printing a continuous fiber into the layers.

Base Material Nylon: 0,80€ per cm³
Fiberglas: 3,00€ per cm³
Kevlar fiber: 4,00€ per cm³
Carbon fiber: 6,00€ per cm³
If you want to cut or engrave sheet material than our Lasercutters are the way to go.

MDF (600 x 300 x 4): 2€
Poplar plywood (600 x 300 x 4): 2€
Bring your own material: 0€
If you wish to create stickers, signs or lettering with self adhesive vinyl foil then come and use our vinyl cutter.

The material is available in several different colours:
self adhesive vinyl (610mm width): 15€ per m
self adhesive vinyl (500mm width): 12€ per m